Tooth & Tail (OST) (Vinyl) – Austin Wintory

The Food Of Beasts
Hopper, Flagbearer For The Commonfolk
Bellafide, Firebrand Of The Longcoasts
The Quartermaster Of The Ksr
Archimedes, Left Hand Of The Civilized
The Old South Distillery
Hollow In The Gut
Hyperduck Soundworks: Who Becomes The Meat?
The Hungry Face A Stiff Wind
Kristin Naigus: Bellafide’s Tarantella
Fuel Of The Firebrand
Snikaree Liberation
John Robert Matz: Waltz Of The KSR
Black Sledge Uprising
Bonepit Exile
The Siege Of Ragfall Road
Eli Bishop: Archimedes’ Tango
The War For Meat
Salome Scheidegger: The Ivories Of Beasts
Swine, Inscribed
To The Ends
Darren Korb: Anthem Of The Commonfolk
Victors Will Feast

Austin Wintory

Format: 1 Vinyle
Date de sortie : 8/12/2017
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