The Iron Giant (OST) (Vinyl) – Michael Kamen

The Eye Of The Storm
Hogarth Hughes
Creepy Music / Hogarth Investigates
Into The Forest
The Giant Wakes
Hogarth In Car / Sting For FBI Man: Suite
Come And Get It
Shut Off Switch / Rock Tree: Suite
Cat And Mouse
Train Wreck
Magic Rebuild / Hand Underfoot: Suite
Chew Your Food
Great Ride
We Gotta Hide
His Name Is Dean
He Can Stay
Eating Art
Space Car
Souls Don’t Die
Contest Of Wills
The Army Arrives
Annie And Dean
I’m Superman
He’s A Weapon
Giant Discovered
Trance Former
No Following
The Last Giant Piece
Bedtime Stories
End Credits: Suite
Wild Tam-Tam
Chew Your Food Pickup
Duck And Cover
Early Demo #1
Early Demo #2
Souls Don’t Die

Michael Kamen

Drager: 2 Vinyl
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