La Sublime Porte, Voix d’Istanbul. Savall.

Dervis Mehmed
Uzzal usules Darb-i feth, taksim & makam

Hace Abdülkadir Meragi
Kar-i Ses-avaz, segah kar

Anonyme, Armenian
Siretsi yares Taran Noubar noubar, Chanson & Danse

Por alli paso un cavallero

Dimitrie Cantemir (1673-1723)
Buselik usules, taksim & makam

Buhûrîzade Mustafa Itrî Efendi (circa 1640 – 1711)
Hisar Agir Semai, Mélodie

Anonyme, Armenian
Taksim & Danse, for kemence & percussion

Traditional, Jewish

Angeli, Tanburi
Rehavi Cember, taksim & makam

Hespèrion XXI (1974-) (1974 – )
Gazel, Improvisation

Hicaz usules Devr-i Kebir, taksim & makam

Traditional, Sephardic
Punxa, punxa
El Rey que muncho madruga

Tanburi Mustafa Cavus (died 1745)
Hisarbuselik Sarki, pour voix & traditional ensemble

Gousan Ashot
En Sarer 2, plainte pour 2 duduks

Hace Abdülkadir Meragi
Amed nesim-i, rast nakis beste

Gursoy Dincer (voix)
Lior Elmalich (voix)
Montserrat Figueras (soprano)

Hesperion XXI

Jordi Savall

Format: 1 SACD Hybrid
Release date: 27/10/2011
Barcode: 7619986398877 Catégories : ,


   in Early Music Today (Mar, 2012)
This superbly researched and recreated ear-opening anthology, crafted with such presence and authority, finds Jordi Savall immersed in the cultural melting-pot of Istanbul with a constellation of performers from Armenia, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Israel, Morocco, Spain and Turkey. The earliest named composer in this magisterial melange is Hace Abd lkadir Meragi (1350- 1435) and there are Sephardic romances, Armenian dances and, building on their previous purely instrumental recording Istanbul, more material from the Cantemir manuscript. The spectrum of instrumental colour and the three contrasted voices with their glissades of vocal ornamentation are captured in a wonderful hybrid SACD recording, lavishly packaged with a booklet in seven languages. She only appears on …

Choir & Organ (Mar, 2012)
I must pay tribute to the passing of one of the great vocal pioneers of the early music scene, the inimitable soprano Montserrat Figueras. how appropriate it is that her final recording with Hesperion XXI, directed by her husband Jordi Savall, should be as part of the outstanding, superbly produced La Sublime Porte – Voix d’Istanbul , an early music cross-over anthology that delves deeply into other worlds – cultural, spiritual and historical. …

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